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About Us

It all started with four coffee obsessed friends holidaying in a Victorian alpine ski village with an environmental focus. Many après ski drinks later, the decision was made to package their specialty roasted coffee into earth friendly pods.

Our team are no strangers to the vibrant coffee culture that exists in Melbourne. We are four friends who love everything coffee. Half the POD Addiction team (Little Goat Coffee) humbly operate in the Melbourne café and roasting scene, while the others join forces to obsess about the flavours, quality control and consumption of the product.


At POD  Addiction our aim is to supply a product we love and truly believe in. Focusing on a return to earth policy, sourcing a 100% biodegradable and compostable coffee pod was our #1 priority, capable of delivering café class, specialty coffee, roasted locally…after all, we happen to think Melbourne offers the best coffee in the world!

We create small batch roasted, speciality grade coffee in the convenience of a Nespresso® compatible, biodegradable and compostableª pod; enabling a great quality coffee experience, wherever you find yourselves, in your home, at the office, on your daily commute, in the countryside, anywhere.

Together we give a POD about the environment and our aim is help you feed your caffeine addiction guilt free by providing you with the best ingredients to make a beautiful cup of coffee and after that, the rest is up to you.

ª Compostable under the right industrial set conditions