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Little Goat Coffee roasters believe in traceability by carefully sourcing specialty graded Arabica coffee beans ethically and sustainably from trusted farmers and traders. Direct trade is an important part of the philosophy of Little Goat Coffee, placing an emphasis on knowing and appreciating all the hands that it takes to make a beautiful cup of our coffee. This means developing a closer connection with our producers. Our relationships are built on mutual respect and a desire to benefit each hand that the coffee passes through; from the growers, to the merchants, to our roasters, and now to you – home brewers.

We appreciate the journey that is encapsulated in each pod of our coffee; where it began as a seed that was planted, to the bean that was harvested, washed, dried, hulled, sorted, weighed, bagged and shipped, ready to be roasted by our team. But of course, the journey does not end there.

Little Goat Coffee lovingly roasts in small batches, then pack in 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging, ensuring the freshness and flavour profile is like no other.

We believe it is our duty to help you consume and enjoy your coffee each day, knowing you are doing no harm to the environment.